How to get featured events from Event Calendar?

A snippet of code for displaying featured event from the WordPress Events Calendar.

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How to activate smooth scrolling for href?

A snippet of code for activating smooth scrolling on any href with hash tag.

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How to Hide a WooCommerce Category from Shop Page?

A snippet of code that you can use in the function.php file in order to hide WooCommerce category from being displayed on the shop page.

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How to extend admin fields in WooCommerce orders page?

A snippet of code that can help add WooCommerce admin fields.

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How to get remote data using Curl and PHP?

A snippet of code that can help you retrieve data using Curl.

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How to get WooCommerce Order Information?

A snippet of code that can help you get the WooCommerce order details by order id.

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How to disable WooCommerce Variable product price range?

A snippet of code that will help you replace price range of product in woocommerce with from price.

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How to hide a WooCommerce Category from Search Result?

A snippet of code that can help exclude specific WooCommerce Category from WordPress search result page.

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CSS Minifier

The CSS minifier is a tool to properly compress css code.

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List of Most Common WordPress Plugins for Developers

List of some of the most common WordPress plugins that can help you in managing the simplest to the most complicated aspects of running a WordPress website.

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How to disable Yoast Meta Description?

A snippet of code that can help you disable yoast meta tags.

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25+ Useful Google Extensions for Developers

Curated list of some of the best google chrome extensions, every programmer should install.

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