How to disable WooCommerce Variable product price range?

A snippet of code that will help you replace price range of product in woocommerce with from price.

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CSS Minifier

The CSS minifier is a tool to properly compress css code.

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List of Most Common WordPress Plugins for Developers

List of some of the most common WordPress plugins that can help you in managing the simplest to the most complicated aspects of running a WordPress website.

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How to disable Yoast Meta Description?

A snippet of code that can help you disable yoast meta tags.

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25+ Useful Google Extensions for Developers

Curated list of some of the best google chrome extensions, every programmer should install.

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How to make WordPress shortcodes?

Learn through the basics of WordPress Shortcodes. The post answers all the pin points needed to create your own WordPress Shortcodes.

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Demystifying: Node Package Manager Aka npm

Learn through all the basic concepts you need to know for node package manager. The guide takes you through step by step over each essential command.

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Text Converter

The tool allows you to convert text into any case type. Conversion to all caps, lower case, sentence case or title case by simply entering and converting your string on the fly.

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How to increase Max Upload Filesize in WordPress?

The post list downs a method that can help you solve max memory size issue in WordPress.

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How to remove .html extensions with .htaccess?

A snippet of code that can help you remove .html extension via using .htaccess file.

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How to copy paste in MongoDB Shell?

The post list down the methods for copy pasting in MongoDB shell.

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Demystifying: MongoDB

Learn through all the basic concepts you need to know for building a MongoDB based Applications.

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