Affiliate Marketing

Basic layout for Affiliate Marketing:

There’s a company that sells products/services and they want to increase their sales.

  1. They hire Advertisers/publishers to increase sales.
  2. You as a Advertiser direct your traffic towards the Product/service provided by the Company. Whenever some of your traffic purchases a product/service from them,you get paid a little Commission($$) for it. Because you were the referral source.

What you need?

  1. You will need a product/service to promote.
  2. Your site needs to have a good amount of traffic in order to capitalize affiliate marketing.

Easiest way to do Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Signup with Affiliate Networks: Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, ShareASale, WarriorPlus or whatever the niche you’re targeting.
  2. Build a website around this niche and promote the products. The more traffic your get the more chances of sales of the product.