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Importance of Valid HTML for your WordPress Site

What is Valid HTML?

A Valid HTML follow the current grammar and the right syntax of the HTML language.

Benefit of having a right and Valid HTML?

If you will follow the right syntax and language, it will result in better communication and will produce less chances of misinterpretation. In short, search engine will be able to pick the right meaning of your content, if you had things in right manner.

Having a Valid HTML matters?

Different people have different views and opinions. But its best to follow the right method as not using the correct method may result into:

  1. Website ranking loss
  2. Missed opportunity for ranking better
  3. Bad PR
  4. Google guidelines are suggested practices that help Google find, index, and rank your site and it states “Use valid HTML.”

Tool to Validate your HTML

Though there are many tools available online to validate your HTML, but the best is to use: The W3C Validation tool