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Meet Top 15 Onepagers of 2017 that Convert Clients into Sales and Leads

The Internet of 2017 is obsessed with conversions and conversion rates. If you are able to push clients toward taking the action that you want them to take, this means you’re successful in your online undertakings. To reach the desired conversion rate, modern marketers invented additional marketing tools that target conversions. One of such conversion-generating tools is an onepager, or a landing page, that is known to the majority of you.

Landing page is a single page that a potential client ‘lands on’ when clicking on search engine optimized search result or on an online advertisement. The action that a visitor takes on a landing page is a conversion; all the other options are minimized. For instance, landing page designers often focus on one offer per page and exclude navigation that leads to your main website and distracts users from the desired conversion.

As I’ve already mentioned, the purpose of a landing page is to generate conversions. Site visitors may be converted either into sales or leads, and this determines the two main types of landing pages: transactional and lead-generating. As it’s obvious from the name, the main purpose of a transactional landing page is to result in a transaction, i. e. in a sale of the advertised item. In this case, a landing page should uncover all the advantages of a product that the landing page is devoted to and offer purchasing it with effective call to action btns.

Lead-generating landing pages typically contain a form for providing personal data and clearly point out the reward that visitors get after filling in the form. The reward may be an e-book, a webinar registration, a notification of a future product launch, a free trial, a discount voucher/coupon, etc. As you get the data of a potential customers, you can market your products to them in future and built the audience of devoted clients. You can read more about transactional and lead-generating landing pages here.

In this post, I want to share with you Top 15 Landing Page templates that are ultimate conversion-boosters of 2017. These templates are developed by TemplateMonster team, one of the leading companies on the market with more than 15 years of experience behind their backs. They offer one-page templates that serve both for the purposes of generating sales and leads and make sure that the pages have top-notch designs and are filled with optimized call to action btns and inspiring media. You can check out their full collection of One Page Templates to see the diversity of landing page templates they offer.

I hope you find your favorite landing page template here and take your conversions up a notch with it! As you scroll down the list of templates, do not forget to check the Details page of the template you like to see the characteristics and technical requirements of the template. You can also check out the Live Demos of the templates, to see how your landing page will look and function out of the box.

Award-winning Mobile App Landing Page Template

Mobile Applications Landing Page Template

Details |  Demo

If you want to make people download your mobile app, purchase your software or online service, this one page template with clear-cut layout is built to help you uncover all the advantages of it. The template pullout navigation helps easily navigate your onepager that is liven up with fun icons and Google fonts. The template is responsive and looks equally great on all devices from a Retina smartphone to a large desktop PC.

Books Conversion-optimized Landing Page Theme

Books Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

This template is designed for those who want to sell books, magazines or other printed materials online. The template is conversion-optimized. It comes with clear-cut call-to-action btns, testimonials, lists of product’s features and easily editable pricing tables. You’ll also see social btns and an e-mail subscription form that let your landing page target both sales and leads.

Effective Business One Page Template

corporate landing page template

Details | Demo

This responsive landing page template would fit any business and bring the desired conversions. It gives visitors the feel of true immersion with 3D Parallax slider that resides on top of the page. In the slider you can place your promos, new products or any other things that you want to emphasize. Above the slider you’ll find social btns that invite page guest follow you in social networks as soon as the land on there. This landing page template is ideal for targeting conversions, as its storytelling homepage tells everything you need about the product you promote.

Fresh Air: Landing Page for Air Conditioning

air conditioning landing page template

Details | Demo

This landing page template is designed for promoting air conditioning systems and their repair. The theme features content rich design, and lets you cover the benefits of your products and services, FAQs, your physical location and full list of contact details. The theme comes with a newsletter subscription form and rich social integration options that are situated in the footer of the page.

In Search of a Property: Land Broker Responsive Landing Page Design

Land Broker Responsive Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

A land broker template needs a powerful search tool. This onepager template meets this cornerstone requirement. A large find-property tool is the first thing that you see when landing on the page. Other features of the template include Parallax and LazyLoad effects, clear grid layout, banners and images, testimonials and back-to-top btn. Green color that the template features makes the design trustworthy and welcoming. Grey color keep is businesslike and concise providing for good readability and contrast.

Professional Consulting Responsive One Page Template

Consulting Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

This consulting template captures page visitors’ attention with a large animated slider that resides on top of the page. Then it covers such aspects as what services you offer, who you are, showcases the members of your team and offers filling a form to learn more about this or that specific service. Page footer features Google map with your address and your fool contact information. The template is carried out in shades of blue that are traditional for business websites and care the notions of reliability and high service standards.

Passionate Wrestler: Wrestling Responsive Onepager Theme

Wrestling Responsive Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

This wrestling one-pager breathes with passion for sports and victory. The color pallet of it is suggestive of struggle and effort that are needed in competitive sports. The template’s layout automatically adapts to any viewport dimensions and looks great on Retina-screens thanks to Retina-optimized images. The template features an inbuilt contact form that lets your page guests easily get in touch with you with any questions, comments and suggestions that they have.

Efficient Financial Advice Responsive Landing Page Design

Financial Advisor Responsive Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

User-friendly layout of this template is built in neutral blue colors that establish trust and create the feeling of your reliability. Smart use of white space ensures the readability of the page and brings its contents to the foreground. Thanks to the valid and well-structured semantic code, the page gets higher rankings by search engines, loads quicker and meets the highest page guests’ expectations.

It’s Time to Go Skiing: Winter Sports Responsive Landing Page Theme

Skiing Responsive Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

This inspirational one-pager relates your passion for winter sports. Reservation form hovers over the impressive slider and lets you page visitors reserve a vacation right away. The form is user-friendly and features an interactive calendar that lets page visitors settle down with dates right away. Image-focused layout of the template lets for your visitors get inspired with winter beauty and grasp the call-to-action messages made with large fonts.

Cleaning Supplies and Devices One Page Template

Cleaning Products Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

This responsive template is easily customizable and brings your project live in no time. The base of the template consists of valid semantic code and JS animation. Such a sound base powers such template features as integrated Google maps, contacts forms, online chat feature, Google Web Fonts and much more. The upbeat color palette of the template tunes the visitors up for a positive interaction that is bound to be continued with the help of social btns and newsletter subscription form.

Job Seekers’ Hot Spot Responsive Landing Page Theme

Job Seekers Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

Minimalistic flat design of this template provides for improved readability and enhanced user experience on the page. The template has a scalable layout, the blocks of which change places and re-shape depending on the device that they are viewed on. This ensures the responsiveness of the template. The theme is also cross-browser compatible, and displays in a similar way in all modern browsers. This landing Page template comes with all the documentation that you may need for customization of the template.

Modern Architecture Company Website Design

architectural website template

Details | Demo

This architecture website template features clear-cut layout and a storytelling homepage. It will be an optimal solution for diverse businesses, such as architectural bureaus, construction companies, Interior Design firms, social centers and museums. This image-rich template has orange call to action btns that contrast to the template background and are bound to attract attention of your guests. The template is equipped with a stick-to-top menu that keeps website navigation right before the users’ eyes as they scroll down the page. The template allows highlighting your philosophy and program, upcoming events and other information. Thanks to media integration, you can get more people follow you on Facebook, Twitter and in other popular social networks.

Icon: School of Beauty Responsive Landing Page Theme

Beauty School Responsive Landing Page Template

Details | 

This responsive and cross-browser compatible template features a modern design with asymmetric dividers and geometric elements. Template slider showcases best of your products, your promos and other visual information that is worth seeing in the first place. The template has Live Chat integration feature, so you may turn your page into a platform of live communication with your clients. The template includes rich visuals and you have a great chance to impress your page guests with innovative projects in the gallery section.

Scope of Global Business Responsive Landing Page Design

Business Responsive Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

This responsive template uses darkened color palette to go beyond blue and white color combinational that is traditional for modern business websites. The theme places your contact information and social options above the slider ensuring that this information resides handy in case it’s needed. The template provides for rich interaction with customers that is achieved thanks to newsletter subscription form, contact form and Live Chat that are integrated into the page.

Gourmet Italian Restaurant Responsive Landing Page Theme

Italian Restaurant Responsive Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

Abundance of visuals and rich media integration are pivotal for a culinary website. With this template, the full immersion into the world of majestic food is achieved with 3D depth that is created by Parallax effect that the template utilizes. You can display your whereabouts with scalable Google Map and place your phone and e-mail address right before users’ eyes. Most importantly, your one-pager displays your menu in a clear and attractive way, and this is bound to make people visit your place.

I hope you enjoyed this bright collection of top 15 onepagers of 2017. I wish you choose one of them and launch a high-converting project with it.

Working with landing page templates is really simple. You just need to upload it to your server and customize wherever you want: text, images, backgrounds, colors and layout. This video will help you get started:

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