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Meet Top 5 Authors Websites Specially for You

Have you ever thought why you open one or another webpage on the Internet? What influences your choice? Unusual headlines? Advertisements? Place in the search results? Design? Or, maybe, you pay attention to any other factors? In fact, creating an eye-catching website is not an easy process. Every creative person faced the audience search problem at least once during one’s career. Nowadays the competition is very tough, because everyone has a free access to the Internet, and every person can start one’s own blog or website. The question is: how to launch a successful project online? The answer is obvious: to make your website popular on the Web, you should attract your audience and keep it interested. Using screaming headlines and clickbaits is not effective any more, and, unfortunately, a high-quality content also does not guarantee you high traffic rankings. So, your work may stay unnoticed. To avoid this, you should pay attention to the details and use the following 3-step-plan.

The first step is visualizing. After choosing a subject for your website, try to imagine it or even draw a detailed sketch in your notebook. Where you should place the headlines, what the btns would look like, where to place all the information – you should carefully think this through in advance. Also, you should choose a color scheme that matches your idea. Which colors will your future website have – a rich palette or sober undertones? Or you’d like to have a webpage with the bright details on a monotone background? In all cases you should remember, that the visually appealing page has to be simple, clear, user-friendly and stylishly designed.

Now, when you have already thought about colors you should choose a platform. That will be your second step. There are plenty of different platforms – WordPress, Joomla, etc. We highly recommend you to use WordPress, because it is easy-to-use and understandable even for novice Internet-users. Also, it is considered to be the most popular and convenient and in addition, with WordPress you can create your site using ready-made templates without any great effort. It is the best blogging platform to share your ideas and post your articles, so you will have an opportunity to show your creative works to the whole world.

As written earlier, you can use writer and author WordPress templates to create a webpage. There is a big variety of ready-made templates, so you should choose the one that will be suitable for all your needs – that will be your third step. All of them are elegant and aesthetically appealing, so they will please each your reader or client. Besides, they are easy-in-use and fully editable. Directly after downloading a theme you can start customizing and using it. Each theme from this collection can be quickly adjusted to your needs: you can change photos, btn sizes, add your logo and make it unique and individual at one stroke. In addition, they all have responsive design, useful navigation and clear structure.

As can be seen, you really have an opportunity to start your website online in 3 steps. The only thing you need is dare to show your works publicly. Also, except advice, in this article there are 5 author’s website templates especially for you. You can choose among them or visit TemplateMonster.com to find some more noteworthy themes.

Bright and Eye-Catching GPL Writer’s WordPress Template

This template is bright and really attractive. Probably, no one can give over looking at it, because of its stylish design and modern look. Have you ever seen such an eye-catching WordPress website theme? Moreover, it’s multifunctional and easy-to-use. You can install it in 2 steps and your website will be one of the most visited without any doubts.

GPL Writer WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Simple and Modern-Looking Writer’s Website Theme

This theme has a sober color scheme and clear structure. It is divided into several parts, where you can place your title and the main photo, give a piece of information about yourself and your project etc. It is useful and simple – no excessive details, everything is elegant and minimalist.

Writer/Author Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Unusual Writer’s WordPress Template

Here you can see a classic design – small yellow btns and dark sole-colored background. It looks up-to-date and stylish. With this template you can post your portfolio, show your works and keep a blog separately, in different tabs. In a word, this template can be used as multipurpose, as it is simple and elegant.

Writer WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Really Stylish and Elegant Writer’s Website Template

This template shows all the stereotypes about how a writer looks. Here you can see a printing machine, a pipe and glasses. It looks elegant, stylishly designed and unusual. As a matter of course, you will be able to change the photos and make this template individual. As can be seen, it has a simple structure and useful navigation, so it is the best one for both novice and experienced users.

Author Website Template

Details | Demo

Minimalist Online Writer’s Website WordPress Template

As you can see, this template will be useful for bloggers and freelancers. Here you can post your portfolio works, information about your projects and give contact data as well. It is useful and elegant – these are two most important features of a successful website. Again, the designers used a classic color solution – bright details on a dark background. It looks modern and stylish.

Online Freelancer WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

We hope you have enjoyed this 3-step-plan to start a successful website and the following templates collection. They will help you to save your time and money, as they are cheap, can be quickly installed and customized, and any of these themes is a real catch for every author.

It is important to realize, that the best way to push your creativity is to show your works to a new audience, for example on the Internet. Your talent has no boundaries, and the hardest part is to start. So don’t waste a minute and make a first step right now!