How to send data via AJAX from frontend to backend in WordPress Plugin?

A step by step guide on how to send data via ajax when developing your own wordpress plugin

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How to get an Array onto your email in WordPress?

A snippet of code for helping you get an array on to your email

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How to disable Yoast SEO Plugin for a specific page?

A snippet of code for helping get yoast plugin disabled for a specific page or post

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How to get featured images outside loop in WordPress?

A snippet of code for helping get the image url outside the normal wordpress loop

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ScrollTo Div using jQuery over a WordPress Theme

Using a function to perform this action

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How to subscribe user details using mailchimp API?

Code to send the data via mailchimp API

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How to display post between two dates using custom query in WordPress?

Code to get the posts between the 2 dates using custom query loop

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JavaScript Code Beautifier

The JavaScript beautifier is a tool to properly indent javascript code.

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How to remove the Cross-site Scripting in WordPress?

Code to solve the Cross-site Scripting issue

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How to resize an image by code in WordPress?

A simple function to resize the image and reduce the file size.

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How to add Custom Meta Field to User Listing at the Admin Panel WordPress?

Code to include a field in User Listing

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Meet Top 5 Authors Websites Specially for You

The list include the themes you need to get started

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