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How to copy paste in MongoDB Shell?

The post list down the methods for copy pasting in MongoDB shell.

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Demystifying: MongoDB

Learn through all the basic concepts you need to know for building a MongoDB based Applications.

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How to know whether your Windows is 32bit or 64bit?

The post list downs a method that can help you detect the windows bit version.

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CURL to PHP Converter

The tool helps convert command line CURL to PHP CURL.

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Demystifying: Google Tag Manager

If you’re not familiar with Google Tag Manager, then you might be wondering what it is? The post demystify Google Tag Manager, and answer the most common questions around.

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Path to Learning React

The post aims to pull together quality content about React into a central location for quick reference.

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Setting up your React.Js App

Easy to use steps to set up your first react.js app allowing you to focus on coding your app straight away, without having to navigate through a complicated setup process.

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How to skip WooCommerce cart page?

A snippet of code that can help you skip the WooCommerce cart page and move directly to checkout page.

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How to remove WooCommerce Checkout fields?

A snippet of code that can help you remove all the checkout field from WooCommerce.

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Online URL encoder/decoder

This tool has been built to help encode/decode URL on-the-fly.

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Resource List for Learning Data Science

This list contains free learning resources for data science and big data related concepts, techniques, and applications.

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How to call a WordPress Widget using shortcode?

A snippet of code that can help you implement widget shortcodes in WordPress.

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